WA3Z ~ Amateur Radio Operator

Snohomish County ~ Arlington, Washington ~ United States of America

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Welcome to my Amateur Radio website.

My interests include working HF digital, Mesh Networking, kit building, and other D.I.Y. projects.

Latest Updates


December 22

I'm having a blast on 10 meters with JT65 and the K2 that I built (soldered) myself. I just worked Venezuela with only half a watt using an inverted vee that I also built myself and have hanging about 37 feet up.

That's about 8196 miles per watt. Thank you gray line propogation!


April 23

I've set up a random wire antenna inside the hotel room. The wire is 41 feet long and the room is on the first floor. JT65 is a very exciting mode when you don't have the best set-up. PSKREPORTER is showing that I am getting in to both Europe and Australia just fine. I've even made some contacts with Europe with 10 or less watts.


April 22

I'm operating from FM16 and possibly from FM26 this week. I have my K2 with me and some wire for an antenna.